spirit by Spirit—

destroy this Flesh.

make this man anew;

break this man anew.

restore afresh

how he ought fear It.


far from Home—

lost in Land.

groping. hoping.

tears fall from

barren man.

groping. hoping.


where he stands.

groping. hoping.

O the Cross—

for this man?

hoping. Hoping.


Why does it come upon me in my heart

that I should stray so far from prior pledge

and leap bereft—so deft—upon the ledge

to drive myself from Her, my soul to part?

What might you gain from this? I ask. Now speak!

No answers from you, man? No clever song?

Do recognize yourself among the throng.

Tis not his truth, but death, with them you seek.

Despite the hate that causes me to stray,

the strong desire I have to run away—

Against my will, I have been bought, a slave.

New master lets me—calls me—bids me: stay. 

Not the man you once were, this is true.

Thankfulness—much gratitude—is due.