I desire to equip followers of Christ to better understand what they believe, why they believe it, and to be able to articulate it to a lost and broken world.

It's interesting how Paul taught that true edification comes primarily through the building up of the mind. That is why it is good to think, and not only to feel. This is why he stated in Romans 12:2 that you are transformed by the renewal of your mind, not by merely feeling every emotion. This is also why Paul shared that the church cannot benefit unless it is presented with "some revelation or knowledge or prophecy or teaching" (1 Corinthians 14:6).

With this in mind, the core thrust of the ministry of Take & Seal is teaching. Specifically, teaching young and mature believers alike yearning for resources to aid them in better understanding the deeper truths found in Scripture.

So I encourage you: ponder the things of God. Don't only give ear to the things that stir your emotions - although there is certainly a place in your life for such things - but also be transformed by the renewal of your mind, by thinking hard about the things God has revealed to us. Take & Seal strives to be a resource for you to do just that.

The theology of Take & Seal can most easily be defined as Reformed. I deeply believe that Scripture alone is supremely authoritative, and that all things work to bring greater glory to God.


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