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Psalm 51: My Sin is Ever Before Me

For some time I have been reflecting on Psalm 51. This is David's Psalm to the Lord after Nathan rebuked him for killing Uriah the Hittite and taking his wife, Bathsheba, as his own. Easily the most universally recognizable piece from Psalm 51 is verse 10, but I'd prefer to focus on another, verses 3-4.

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The Necessity of Forgiveness

Corrie Ten Boom, the famous Dutch Christian who helped to hide Jews in her home during the Holocaust, tells of how difficult it was for her to forgive the man who betrayed her family to the Nazis. His lies and betrayal resulted in the death of her father and her sister, and subjected her and her brother to terrible suffering in the concentration camps. At the time, she swore she would never forgive him.

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Son of Man in the New Testament: Part 4 of 4

The SM term was scarcely used outside of the gospels, especially to refer to Jesus, and it is interesting to note that Paul never used the term, though some have connected his Second Adam theology with the SM. Although there are arguably four occurrences of SM outside of the Gospels (Acts 7:56; Hebrews 2:6; Revelation 1:13; Revelation 14:14) , we will limit the focus of our study to Acts 7:56 and the Revelation passages, excluding the Hebrews instance, as it is a citation from the Old Testament (Psalm 8).

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Son of Man in the New Testament: Part 2 of 4

Part two of our study, the Son of Man in the Synoptic Gospels will cover by far the vast majority of uses of the term “SM” in the New Testament. Depending on whose count you rely, the Greek phrase “SM” (ὁ ὑιος του ανθρώπου) is used between 86 and 90 times in the Greek New Testament. 95% of uses occur in the gospels, and 84% of gospel appearances are in the Synoptics. Furthermore, it is striking that 100% of all uses are spoken by Jesus himself.

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What is the best English Bible translation?

Perhaps you think too much of your English Bible translation, assuming it is the only correct way to read the Bible in English. Perhaps you don't think about it at all, carrying around a generic Bible app on your phone without even knowing what translation it is.

Despite where you might fall on the spectrum, you have probably wondered at some point, "What is the best translation?" If you're curious to find out, keep reading.

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