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Give until it hurts?

Sure, the sentiment is there: to give so sacrificially that you feel the weight of your giving in your finances. The man behind the pulpit invariably meant no wrong by the comment; after all, isn't the gospel message rooted in the historical fact that a man loved the world so much that he died so that it might live (John 3:16)?

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The Lord is Faithful

There is a well-worn and pessimistic saying that the only things that are sure in life are death and taxes. And it certainly is true that life is full of uncertainties. Health can deteriorate in an instant. Even the most promising of careers can meet with disappointment. The best of plans can fall apart. And even after a lifetime of faithfulness, one temptation can catch us by surprise.

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7 Reasons for Suffering

Part of living in a fallen world is the reality that sin has corrupted every nature of our lives on earth. The most obvious - and deeply felt - result of this corruption shared by all people is suffering. We suffer from a variety of causes: relational schisms; environmental catastrophes; disease; and more. The list producing our suffering goes on and on, all because of The Fall.

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An improper response to the beggar

I often hear Christians admit that they encounter the poor with consistent frequency. Yet, alarmingly, they do not obey Jesus' command. Why is this? I've heard a wide array of rationales that almost always find a root in either the sloth or addiction problems of the one asking for help. But what is the common denominator in these responses? 

Their actions have produced this outcome.

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